STTV Ultra thin Smart LED TV All-in-One with Android System for Conference and Meeting

STTV is an ultra thin LED TV, with all-in-one function. Embedded with Android, it supports APP use. The infrared design on the TV frames support the TV on the whiteboard writing. It supports IPTV, Conferencing and Meeting interaction.

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The main features as below: all the computer system and display system are made into one chic design, with thickness less than 35MM. Screen size 108 inch, 136 inch, 163 inch, and 217 inch are currently hot sell. It is a well shaped one-piece TV. The Display ratio is 16:9, compatible to the TV and Broadcast standard. The Resolution is 2K (1920*1080) or 4K (3840*2160), comparison ratio is 6000:1, together with 16 bit, best presenting HD pictures.

It supports remote control, which is easy for use. It supports wireless projection, with 4 segment-screens showing on 1 screen each time. It supports APP terminal user control, which means the end-user by connecting the TV with his/her phone or pad, or computer, than he/she can control the TV from the terminal at hand. It is touch Screen, which supports the focus and zoom. It supports the marking. The function makes it smart for the conference and meetings, in spite of some restrictions in distance. Above is pretty much about the software, referring the hardware, the screen is made of LED V-COB, which is different from traditional LED in the way of surface covering.


The LED surface is fundamentally well treated with a V-COB covering to ensure the function of anti-humid, anti-breaking, anti-water, anti-dust, and anti-collision. It is much superior in performance especially in some hush environment. The Screen viewing angle 175 degrees, with no light reflection. As compared with traditional TV, the LED screen TV can be segmented into several parts, which is easy for travel and assemble.

It can be assembled to the wall, and assembled with the back frame supporting. It is in wide use in so many occasions and circumstances, such as Immersive Museum, TV and Broadcast Studio, Real Estate, Chain Store, Home Theater, Conference Center, Education and Training, Front hall or Exhibition Hall etc.. It supports multi-media interface, with Hi-Fi louder speaker, all dimensional get well equipped. It Is Perfect Worth of the Good Value. 



* Conference Interaction/Video Conference/Whiteboard Writing/IPTV

* Ultra thin/HD/Easy Remote Control/APP Terminal Reverse Control/Video Conference/Wireless Projector/Whiteboard Writing /175 Degree Wider Viewing



* Support 4-device simultaneous projection

* Screen at one button switch

* Live wireless projection and terminal reverse control, whiteboard writing, marking, and conference video interaction.

* One button conference, easy use, HD1080P smart camera, large viewing angle, screen zoom and focus, good depth image, clear presentation at indoor distance.

* 360 degree wireless microphone, remote video conference, at hand operation.

* 4 core CPU, 4G memory + 16G flash memory, high-definition dynamic display in smooth.

* Support APP use, satisfy customers application demand. (Internet IPTV, high-definition video on demand, fun and exciting TV games, etc.)

* Infrared touch screen unbounded writing, support original handwriting, extremely fast response.

* Whole zoom, free movement of annotations, flexible transformations, creative inspiration.

Standard Display Resolution

Full HD/2K (1080P): 1920*1080

Super HD/4K: 3840*2160

Item No. Pitch Resolution
STTV108 P1.25 1920*1080
STTV136 P1.56 1920*1080
STTV163 P1.87 1920*1080
STTV217 P1.25 3840*2160

GY/T 155-2000 PRC Broadcast and TV Standard 

STTV Ultra thin Smart LED TV All-in-One for conference and meeting

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