• Pedstal&Head P30

    Pedstal&Head P30

    Maximum load: 30Kg
    Weight: 6.5kg
    Fluid Drags 8+8(Horizontal/Vertical)
    Counterbalance: 7

    The P30 is a pneumatic lifting platform designed for the studio environment. It is characterized by its compactness, portability, extremely smooth and lightweight, and can provide up to 30kg load-bearing capacity. It is excellent for live TV programs in all sizes and studios.

    The p30′s innovative lifting column design makes it very smooth to move and operate, with a lifting stroke of 34cm. The pulley can be used to ensure smooth and stable movement in any direction. The set system is equipped with ANDY K30 hydraulic pan/tilt bearing 30 kg heavy-duty hydraulic head (8 horizontal and vertical damping, dynamic balance 7), which can be used to meet various types of programming needs.

    P-30 pneumatic lifting platform, bearing 30 kg, including pulley car and ANDY K30 hydraulic head, ball bowl adapter.


    • Perfect balance system

    • Compact, lightweight two-stage lifting platform

    • Adjustable level, no need to pump

    • Quick and easy maintenance

  • Tripod&Head K30 2AG/2CG

    Tripod&Head K30 2AG/2CG

    Maximum Load 30kg
    Weight 12.5kg ( Head+Tripod )
    Fluid Drags 8+8 ( Horizontal/Vertical )
    Counterbalance  7
    Panning Range 360°
    Tilt Angle -60°/+70°
    Temperature Range -40°/+60°
    Height range 720/1800mm
    Bowl Diameter 100mm
    Balance plate moving ±50mm with quick release
    Spreader Ground Spreader
    Tripod Section Double- stage
    Material Aluminium alloy / Carbon Fiber