STW-BS1004 Wireless Intercom System

The STW-BS1000 is specially designed for the purpose of on-site multi-department joint work command and dispatch call. It is divided into command dedicated channel and 8 common channels to form an 8-channel full-duplex voice dispatch system. The command host can initiate voice calls at any time and can select the extension that allows the call. Allow staff to be divided into groups according to departments, each group is free to make two-way calls without affecting other departments.

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Compatible with Cabling and Wireless Intercom. Clear com, RTS, Telex, Panasonic, Sony, datavideo, bmd, Roland, for-a, vmix etc.

-- 400 ~ 470 Mhz, 470~530Mhz, 868~870Mhz, 902~928Mhz frequency optional. low power, low radiation, energy saving.
-- 8-channel full-duplex wireless digital circuit, editable encryption, strong anti-interference. Be ready to use at any time, no need to match frequency.
-- Transmission distance up to 2000M (open area), crossing floors up to 6~8 floors, ensure the on-site calls smoothly.
-- Wireless Tally (optional)
-- Built-in integrated battery, 8-10 working hours
-- Group function, can divide extensions up to 8 groups according to departments. Improving command and communication efficiency
-- With echo elimination function, make sure the call quality.
-- Background noise suppression, adjustable microphone sensitivity, ideal for noisy environments
-- With extension isolation function, improving efficiency of guidance and command management.
-- Extensions numbers can be increased without barriers, ready to use at any time.
-- 1.4inch LCD display, real-time display and working status setting.
-- Off-network working is available , extensions can still communicate while the host is off.
-- Microphone return can be turned on/off at any time, return volume can be adjusted in ten levels.
-- Supports goose-neck, head-mounted and wired input microphone modes (can be used in conjunction with other limited products)



Frequency Range 400-470Mhz
Distance Up to 2000M (open area)
Transmission Power ≤1W
Host size/weight 440x255x44mm / 2kg
Number of extensions the host can support No limits
Host supported call type Individual call、group call、free to choose
Host supported number of Tally 12 channel red-green two-tone
Host supported switcher Panasonic / Sony / Datavideo / BMD / Other brands..
Extension size/weight 25x70x102mm / 220g
Extension battery 3.7v lithium ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of about 5000mAh
Extension standby power consumption 40mW / 10mA
Extension standby time 15~20 days
Extension call duration 8~10 hours
Number of channels 90pcs
Sensitivity -110dbm
Encryption 32 bit communication password
Digital speech coding 8K Sampling rate 16bits accuracy

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